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What is triplex?

Laminated glass is resistant to mechanical stress; if its integrity is damaged, it retains its shape, remaining in the frame, and the binding polymer film prevents the appearance of sharp cutting edges and the shedding of fragments. Thanks to its unique properties, constructional triplex is an excellent material for glazing windows, storefronts, and safe decorations of residential and public premises.


PVB film holds shards of broken glass and maintains the shape of the product.


- in the glazing of buildings (including double-glazed windows), the production of transparent roofs and canopies
- when creating doors and partitions, stained glass windows, showcases, glass furniture
- steps and railings of stairs, floors, and ceilings are made from it
- in the production of car glass

Order triplex from us!

Technoinvest-ST offers the production of triplex, including using armored polyvinyl film.
Maximum configuration: 4 glasses of 10mm each
or 6 glasses of 6 mm, dimensions: 3200x2200 mm.