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Just like in the old days...

Nowadays, artistic forging is rightfully considered a sign of wealth and a manifestation of status. Making forged items is a complex process that requires knowledge and experience in metal processing and the presence of artistic taste.

We know that...

Artistic forging gives the interior or landscape a special chic and richness. A forged gazebo looks both beautiful and solid. The gaze of any guest will involuntarily linger on the elegant and original forged product, and the members of the household will not tire of admiring it. In addition, masterpieces made of iron are especially good because they will never go out of fashion.

We can help you

The TECHNOINVEST-ST company offers artistic forging services in the best traditions of the age-old art of metal processing. Our products are individual and will suit any design project, they give admiration and create comfort.

Professional approach

The production process uses professional forging equipment with Hebo program control; every detail, every connection is the height of craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality.