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Filled stained glass vitrages

The technology involves applying designs to glass using special ceramic paints. First on
The contours of the future image are applied to the product, then all elements are filled with colored paints. A huge palette of colors allows you to embody ideas and design projects of any direction.


This is a technology for sintering colored glass in a furnace. The product is assembled from glass elements and sintered in an oven at a temperature of 800 °C. The glass melts into each other and becomes homogeneous. A special sintering technology without the use of metal frames allows you to create a variety of textures and reliefs with a clearly defined image.

Stained glass "Bevel"

This is a modern technology for creating artistic stained glass windows. In the manufacture of such stained glass windows, cut glass stones - bevels - are used. Each such stone is edged with a bronze or copper ribbon.
A wide variety of patterns and compositions are assembled from bevels, and in combination with colored paints or matting, a stained glass window or glass door will complement your interior with even greater beauty and originality.

Printing on glass with a DIP Tech printer

Innovative printing on glass with ceramic ink. Modern technologies make it possible to obtain bright, high-quality images that are resistant to various damage, moisture, and temperature changes.